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Wednesday, 12:15pm Meeting at the Marathon Yacht Club

Said an international consortium led by experts at Baylor University of Medicine.

Some are identified as having autism spectrum disorder, and if you execute a brain MRI research, you discover white matter adjustments in about 70 % of them. We have found this transformation in kids who are Vietnamese, Burmese, Thai, Indonesian, Filipino and and Micronesian. It is extremely likely that kids from other Southeast Parts of asia within this geographical distribution also bring this genetic transformation. Because they are all within a geographic location, she suspects that there surely is a historical founder effect, and therefore at some point in the distant previous, the gene deletion happened within an individual spontaneously, who after that passed it on to their children also to succeeding generations. It is important to follow these kids longitudinally to observe how these late-talkers develop because they grow, said Lalani.It is estimated that over $30 billion have already been invested in research so far. Modification of seeds as of this level goes beyond what is possible with genetic engineering where genes are transferred from crop to crop. Nanotechnology allows atoms to be changed within the structures of components to facilitate the exact outcomes that the manufacturer wants. Bigger corn, disease resistant potatoes, a good tomato that tastes like an apple are feasible when there is a market for the creation of it. Modification of fertilizers means that the fertilizer could be tailored to the crop with techniques that Monsanto have only previously dreamed of.