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CDC says circumcision benefits outweigh risks U

CDC says circumcision benefits outweigh risks U.S . Health officials on Tuesday released a draft of long-awaited federal guidelines on circumcision, saying medical evidence works with having the method done and wellness insurers should shell out the dough. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control guidelines stop short of telling parent to obtain newborn sons circumcised. That is clearly a personal decision that may involve religious or cultural preferences, said the CDC’s Dr. Jonathan Mermin. But the scientific evidence is obvious that the benefits outweigh the dangers, added Mermin, who oversees the agency’s programs on HIV and additional sexually transmitted diseases.

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Dennis Quaid, representing the Dennis Quaid Basis, will provide a keynote address at the Conference. CDEX invites all those thinking about medication safety to stop by Booth # 743 and understand how ValiMed MVS is certainly saving lives in major hospitals today. The ASHP Mid-Year meeting presents an opportunity for CDEX to inform the Directors of Pharmacy from the country’s hospitals about the benefits of incorporating the ValiMed MVS into their pharmacy workflow, stated Greg Firmbach, CDEX Senior VP. ValiMed MVS is usually increasing general patient safety as a final check in the prevention of human error in the compounding of high-risk medications and as the central validation stage for the disposal of narcotics as part of a narcotic diversion avoidance program.