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Chocolate bar with resveratrol may help improve memory.

Chocolate bar with resveratrol may help improve memory, learning skills Wondering where you put the car keys? May’t remember what time of the full week it is? You should eat a new kind of chocolate bar Perhaps. A recent study showed that consuming resveratrol, an integral antioxidant found in chocolate and red wine, might be a memory-booster. The analysis was conducted using a particular type of resveratrol called resVida which comes in a gourmet chocolate bar, The WineTime Bar . Even though the new research tested the abilities of elderly mice, the total results, say experts, may connect with aging baby boomers equally.

The Heart Basis conducted a review of antioxidant research this past year which warned that consuming chocolate or drinking red wine or coffee to prevent heart disease will not achieve expected results. To avoid or treat heart disease the Heart Base does not recommend eating chocolate , drinking coffee, red wine or other types of alcoholic drinks or using antioxidant supplements, such as for example vitamins C and E.. Chocolate protects center but stirs debate on intake By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD A new study demonstrates chocolates are advantageous for heart wellness. The study published in the British Medical Journal and shown at the European Cardiology Society’s annual congress in Paris analyzed data from seven studies concerning 114,009 adults, ages 25 to 93, and including information on their occurrences and diet programs of coronary disease over periods from eight to 16 years.