Marathon Rotary Club

Wednesday, 12:15pm Meeting at the Marathon Yacht Club

With spending budget cuts hitting simultaneously more people need help.

Associated Press/The Seattle Instances: The uncertain future of the federal government health-care overhaul offers wrinkled Washington state’s hopes of landing a $1 billion bailout to repair its budget deficit this season, Gov. Chris Gregoire said Monday. That noticeable change could bring stronger momentum for tax boosts and budget cuts at the Legislature, now 25 percent of the way through its planned eight-week session . Addison County Independent: Gov. James Douglas’s proposed state budget cuts have medical center administrators at Porter INFIRMARY keeping a close vision on what potentially severe cutbacks in health and human services financing could mean for Vermont hospitals . Capital News Provider/The South Bend Tribune: Michigan is definitely facing a loss of doctors as cuts in Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement continue.Shortness of breath with exertion: The patient is unduly winded by activities, indicating also a less than healthy heart. 7. Light-headedness with or without exertion: The patient feels dizzy or faint during exercise, which can be due to structural or electrical abnormality in the heart. Screening Options If at risk, Dr. Liem recommends a simple screening process to determine risk. The screening consists of discussing genealogy of cardiac arrest, having a cardiologist administer a concentrated cardiac examination and obtaining an EKG. If diagnosed, patients can use defibrillators and curtail their athleticism to manage the condition, relating to Dr.