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Cattle virus found in human cancer cells By Kate Bass.

This is actually the first recommendation of a possible link between an infection with a leukaemia virus prevalent in cows and breast cancer in human beings. BLV is a cancer-causing virus that infects bloodstream and mammary cells cells of cattle. It really is transmitted between cattle readily; a survey conducted in 2007 by the united states Department of Agriculture study reported that all dairy functions involving at least 500 cows examined positive for BLV antibodies. However, it only causes disease in <5 percent of contaminated cattle. Following studies in the 1970s that failed to detect proof human infection with BLV, it has long been believed that BLV cannot be transmitted to human beings, but the newest research otherwise appears to show.What the DOJ doesn’t understand can be that the medication companies will minimize at nothing to obtain way: They’ll poison your pet, hack your site, threaten your family, leave nasty notes in your mailbox, plant false bombs under your car and do whatever else it takes to get you to back off. I know that DOJ prosecutors and attorneys will be reading this, so let me share something with you you need to know: When you are up against the pharmaceutical sector, you are doing struggle with what is essentially organized crime. We’re talking a modern-day mob here, and they shall not really hesitate to involved in attempted bribery, corruption or threats of violence to obtain way.