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Richard Pan earns brand-new supervillain moniker: The Mercury Joker help Calif

CA Sen. Richard Pan earns brand-new supervillain moniker: The ‘Mercury Joker’ – help Calif. Citizens recall this evil pharma puppet from general public office #CANPAN From time to time, the evil nature and deeds of a particular individual rise to the amount of such absurdity that a supervillain nickname becomes inevitable . Today, we hilariously adorn Calif. Sen. Richard Pan with the monitor, ‘The Mercury Joker.’ Here is a summary of just a few of the evil deeds Richard Pan, a health care provider with ties to the CDC and AMA, has committed: • Took thousands of dollars in campaign cash from drug businesses. • Aggressively pushed California’s SB 277 radical vaccine mandate which eliminates vaccines exemptions and obliterates medical choice.

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