Marathon Rotary Club

Wednesday, 12:15pm Meeting at the Marathon Yacht Club

BIOTRONIK announces commercial option of new ProMRI Pacing Systems BIOTRONIK SE & Co.

‘We have become pleased to get this to technology available to thousands of European sufferers who today can confidently go through MRI. Furthermore to these improvements, Evia may be the world’s smallest, cellular remote control monitoring pacemaker with industry-leading longevity beyond 13 years. The Safio energetic fixation leads will be the thinnest MRI-conditional pacing prospects currently available available today, with a versatile distal end, fractal covering and steroid elution to make sure optimal electrical efficiency and a well balanced fixation.We believe that women who choose to keep their pregnancy must have usage of quality pre – and postnatal care. We believe that usage of HIV prevention, treatment and care ought to be covered. ‘The time has come to target this debate on people’s healthcare needs, not the agenda of a minority lobby, and make room for common sense reform that will truly benefit everyone in the usa. Catholics support healthcare plans that look after the whole person, including his / her reproductive health, and can support their Representatives and Senators who take a stand upon this important issue.’.

Breakthrough technology could provide brand-new approach for treatment of chronic wounds A team of experts led by an NIBIB grantee at Vanderbilt University has generated a biodegradable scaffold that allows sustained, local delivery of gene-silencing elements called siRNA to market tissue regeneration.