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All of them connected to the outbreak.

Canadian business shoulders blame for food poisoning outbreak The Canadian meat company from the deaths of 15 people in Canada from listeriosis food poisoning says it will take full responsibility for the outbreak. The listeria-tainted meat has been connected by investigators to six of the deaths while the additional nine deaths, all of them connected to the outbreak, stay under investigation. Two samples of Maple Leaf deli meats have examined positive for the same stress of listeria bacteria that has made a large number of Canadians sick, including the 15 who have died and the company’s chief executive says the blame can’t be attributed to food regulators or rules as there are great systems and processes in place.Nicolas Shammas, an interventional cardiologist at Trinity INFIRMARY, Bettendorf, Iowa, may be the study’s principal investigator. Martin, president and CEO of Cardiovascular Systems. There exists a strong dependence on safer, stronger and effective treatment plans for treating hardened plaque behind and below the knee. The scholarly study enrolled 50 patients at eight investigational sites and is following patients for 12 months. Interventional cardiologists and vascular surgeons are taking part in the study.