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If diabetics are monitored by their ophthalmologist regularly improve the condition.

Annual dilated eyesight exam helps prevent vision loss in people who have diabetes Diabetes causes more new instances of legal blindness among working-age Americans than any other disease improve the condition . If diabetics are monitored by their ophthalmologist regularly, this vision loss is almost avoidable always. Yet, tragically, over fifty % of all people living with diabetes do not get the suggested annual dilated eyes exam. As the true number of people with Type 2 diabetes rises in the U.S., the CDC projects that the amount of adults with diabetic retinopathy will double by the year 2050. However 90 % of diabetic eye disease could be prevented simply by proper regular examinations and treatment and by controlling blood glucose.

The results were shown yesterday at the Radiological Society of North America meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The new findings enhance the controversy triggered by a recently available opinion content in The Journal of the American Medical Association questioning the potency of breast cancers screening and a report by a US authorities task force advising women to start having routine mammograms later on in life and less frequently than got previously been recommended. Frequent and early mammograms often result in false alarms, many researchers and doctors have argued.