Marathon Rotary Club

Wednesday, 12:15pm Meeting at the Marathon Yacht Club

Avoid natural pretender foods that pose as organic Because of lax enforcement by the U.

Meals and Medication Administration of rules guiding the correct use of the term natural on food item labels, many organic pretender brands are actually shamelessly using the trendy term to market processed foods disguised as healthful. But one organic advocacy group is wanting to improve this with a fresh awareness marketing campaign, exposing these pretenders and assisting the public make smarter meals purchasing decisions. Advocating organic as the true natural, the nonprofit group Just Organic is definitely on a objective to lift the veil of deception covering a lot of the natural basic products industry.Buccal mucosa might help test for lung cancer A novel check for lung tumor uses internal cheek cells to identify the disease in high-risk individuals. In a new study presented at CHEST 2005, the 71st annual international scientific assembly of the American University of Chest Doctors , scientists discovered that buccal mucosa, or cells scraped from the inner portion of the cheek, may contain information that separates individuals with lung malignancy from high-risk negatives, a discovering that may support cheek cell analysis as a straightforward and inexpensive early screening method for individuals at risk for lung cancer tumor. Previous research has shown that cell nuclear changes can extend a significant distance from the website of a malignancy.