Marathon Rotary Club

Wednesday, 12:15pm Meeting at the Marathon Yacht Club

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Autophagy works both to market and stop cancer probably. Its functions as a tumor suppressor when it limitations cell size and gets rid of broken machinery in the cell which could generate free of charge radicals or generate genetic mutations. But, paradoxically, autophagy may protect tumor cells against some cancers treatments and it could also make cancers cells live much longer by recycling cellular parts in the nutrient-poor environment in the tumor. Intriguingly, a type of laboratory mice with suppressed autophagy also seems to have a higher price of spontaneous tumors, Klionsky said.Cognitive dementia and impairment did not appear to be associated with survival. ‘In conclusion, using a conventional test battery, thirty % of a consecutive series of individuals with ALS demonstrated cognitive impairment, and nearly a quarter qualified for a neuropsychologic medical diagnosis of dementia,’ the authors write. ‘Free recall, executive naming and function had been most impaired in ALS patients with dementia.’ Future research using screening and diagnostic criteria particular to frontotemporal lobar dementia, the sort believed to be associated with ALS and other motor neuron diseases, could find that the %age of ALS individuals with cognitive impairment or dementia is also higher, they conclude.

Business Group urges flu shot requirements for medical center workers The National Business Group On Wellness is advocating this position as a way to reduce flu risk for health care workers and patients.