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To investigate these noticeable changes, the CHLA researchers performed a novel, combined analysis of the external form and dimension of the surfaces of the thalamus and putamen, and compared the relative placement of these structures one to the other. ‘We discovered that regional abnormalities of the thalamus are connected with alterations of the putamen, because of disturbed development of shared frontal-subcortical connectivity possibly,’ said first author Yi Lao, MS, of the Department of Radiology at CHLA.Children as young mainly because five with life threatening anorexia New research by Australian professionals has revealed that children as young as five are being treated for eating disorders – the researchers say in some instances the eating disorder has reached the stage that forced feeding becomes necessary to conserve their lives. The nationwide study by specialists at Westmead Children’s Medical center in Sydney has found that consuming disorders are probably underdiagnosed resulting in high rates of problems in children from 5 to 13.