Marathon Rotary Club

Wednesday, 12:15pm Meeting at the Marathon Yacht Club

Child infections are an increasing concern in affluent countries Dr Deborah Lehmann.

‘We have to understand why some children develop more serious infections and are admitted to medical center and just why these admissions are increasing in non-Aboriginal kids. This might allow us to build up prevention programs and better treatments to those at ideal risk’. The extensive research team said the higher rate of infections in Aboriginal children was of great concern. ‘Aboriginal children are at risky of multiple admissions and dying in hospital,’ Dr Lehmann said. ‘Not merely do hospitals need appropriate ways of manage this high risk group once admitted, but we also have to acknowledge and action on the serious financial disparity, living conditions and primary care..Wang added that these results, if confirmed, could offer guidance to the understanding of the tumor microenvironment, as cancer-stromal interaction takes on a pivotal part in prostate tumor progression and bone metastasis.

Antibody-guided drug shows promising activity in ovarian cancer individuals with platinum drug-resistant disease A fresh antibody-guided drug has shown promising activity in a phase I trial involving ovarian cancer patients with platinum drug-resistant disease, today in the annual conference of the American Association for Cancer Research researchers from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute will report. The findings will be talked about at a press meeting on Saturday, 06 April, 2013, 1:00 p.m., ET, in Room 153, on Tuesday in the Washington Convention Middle and afterwards at an oral presentation, April 9, 2013, 4:00 p.m.