Marathon Rotary Club

Wednesday, 12:15pm Meeting at the Marathon Yacht Club

Other groups raise concerns.

Calif. Revamping mental wellness services As the condition shifts emphasis to the most serious individuals in hospitals and prisons, other groups raise concerns . The Associated Press/San Francisco Chronicle: California Overhauls Mental Health Department California has begun transitioning its mental wellness services system to concentrate care and attention on the most critical patients residing in condition mental hospitals and prisons, but the cost-cutting move is certainly raising concerns about individual care from state employees. The state announced last week it’ll hand off more responsibility for open public mental health applications to counties as part of Gov. Jerry Brown’s ongoing push to move services to California’s local governments.

proper use

Caffeine in coffee might help small blood vessels work better The caffeine in a cup of coffee can help your small blood vessels work better, according to analyze presented at the American Center Association's Scientific Sessions 2013. A study of 27 healthful adults demonstrated – for the very first time – that drinking a glass of caffeinated coffee significantly improved blood flow in a finger, which is a way of measuring how well the inner lining of the body's smaller arteries work. Specifically, participants who drank a glass of caffeinated coffee had a 30 % increase in blood circulation over a 75-minute period in comparison to those that drank decaffeinated coffee.