Marathon Rotary Club

Wednesday, 12:15pm Meeting at the Marathon Yacht Club

Topics being shown cover an array of issues.

Many researchers at The University of Reading are committed to this crucial concern and will be highlighting their methods to improving the quality of life of the elderly at a special workshop on Thursday 24 June. Topics being shown cover an array of issues, including loneliness, influenza, nursing and care, and public health. ‘This workshop is usually a showcase for some of the vital ageing study being carried out at the University,’ said Professor Peter Lansley, the Director of AGEnet. ‘Because it was founded in 2001, AGEnet has grown and grown, and the researchers come from diverse Academic institutions such as Animal and Microbial Sciences, Food Biosciences, Social and Health Care, and Law.This projection is anchored on the intensive history of asbestos use all throughout Australia. High numbers of residential and industrial establishments were known to have been built with the use of asbestos-containing materials. This predicament is quite true especially for those established before asbestos mining sites were shut off and the usage of asbestos was totally prohibited. Thus, if you would take a closer look on the entire cases of mesothelioma, you’ll see that those people who have proved helpful in the mining sites had been the ones greatly affected by mesothelioma and other styles of asbestos-caused diseases. Figures showed that about 85 percent of people who have died form mesothelioma are men.