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Chantix ups cardiovascular disease risk.

For the analysis – released in the July 4th problem of the Canadian Medical Association Journal – researchers looked at 14 studies involving more than 8,000 smokers, more than half of which were taking Chantix. They found 52 smokers taking Chantix acquired a significant cardiovascular event – such as a heart attack – in comparison to just 27 smokers who took a placebo. We have known for many years that Chantix is among the most harmful prescription medications on the U.S. Market, co-author Dr. Curt Furberg, professor of public health at Wake Forest University said in a statement reported by the brand new York Occasions. It causes loss of consciousness, visible disturbances, suicides, violence, depressive disorder and worsening of diabetes.‘Medical researchers, while supporting a total ban on smoking in enclosed public locations, also recognise that smoking is an addictive habit and that in order to break that habit, support is required. This is why we claim that you convert the smoking room right into a drop in smoking cessation support centre for those staff and MSPs who are attempting to quit, or even want support to complete the working day without a cigarette. ‘We recognise that the remit of our legislation on smoking cigarettes emphasises open public place, and that effectively the smoking area is located within the private working section of the Scottish Parliament complex.